BDA Treatment for Brain Injuries

The brain is not the only body organ that is affected when children suffer a brain injury. Studies have shown that the inflammatory changes that take place after the injury can persist in the body for years. This constant inflammatory state can lead to damage in the connective tissue structure of the body. In addition, kids with brain injury don’t move their bodies like healthy children and over time, these abnormal movements and postures also lead to structural damage.

BDA focusses on fixing the damaged structure and, through its unique approach, we see slow but steady improvements take place over time.

Connective tissue and brain injuries

Connective tissue gives body structures strength, and this enables the upright position of the body structure and enables the body to carry its load, so that the muscles can perform their function without excessive engagement and energy consumption. Connective tissue envelopes every cell, every organ, every muscle and joint in our bodies. Without its supporting and shaping function, we would literally be puddles on the floor. The extracellular matrix is the basic building block of connective tissue and fills the space in-between every cell in our bodies.

The cells receive their micronutrients through the extra-cellular matrix and they need to also move their break-down products through the matrix. When connective tissue is inflamed or damaged, the fluid in the matrix becomes more dense and sticky. Nutrients and by products can’t move through it easily and therefore cell function will be compromised. Due to this, brain injured children appear under-nourished and often struggle with low energy. When BDA is applied, children typically start gaining weight, have better immunity and have better energy.

The connective tissue also houses the network of sensory bodies known as the proprioception network of the body. These sensory bodies transmit information to the brain on where the body finds itself in space, and touch like : heat, cold, pain and temperature. Children with brain injury have trouble with sensing their body in space. For example, they tend to misjudge speed and distance when doing a movement. When BDA is applied, we see great improvements in proprioception over time.