We offer online courses!

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What to expect


On these courses, parents are taught how to apply the technique on their children.
The course is divided into two phases:



This happens with each family individually and the BDA assessors.

A big number of clinical tests are performed in order to clearly identify the problems and structures we need to work on in order to achieve maximum impact. The session will be photographed and recorded. At each follow-up visit this process is repeated and it allows us to compare the footage and photos to track the child’s progress.



The training is divided into three segments and takes place over 2-3 days:

  1. Parents are taught new techniques.
  2. The application of the techniques to the child:
    The instructor demonstrates exercises on the child after which the parents do what
    the instructor has shown. The instructor explains in detail the exercises performed on
    the child, during which parents can record the explanation.
  3. Parents practice the learned exercises on their child:
    This step happens under supervision of the trainer who helps solidify the learning.

At each course there will be a lecture for all families. Times and dates to be announced after enrolment.
After the course, contact with the parents is kept via Skype and email and via the local organisers.


The course cost will be R 18 000.00 . It includes the following:

  1. A one-on-one assessment of your child by one of the BDA trainers. The assessment will last 1,5 hours and there will be photos and video taken.
  2. A two-day training course will be held during which you will be shown the various BDA techniques that you can do on your child at home. Each day will give you a few more techniques and ample opportunity to practice the methods.

During this part of the course you can come with the carers who will be working with your child.
We can train up to two people per child.
Therapists of individual kids are welcome to observe but must be arranged with us in advance.



There will also be a base set of materials that you need to use to do the BDA techniques at home. If you are a beginner family, you will need to buy the whole set. Returning families will use what they have but might have to purchase one or two new items for newer exercises.This is a separate purchase.


Please note that we require a R2000.00 deposit at enrolment.




What Parents are Saying

“BDA has meant so much for our family. After two and a half years in the programme, we are seeing so much progress in our son, Henry – something the doctors told us would never be possible. We are blown away!
We are so satisfied with BDA and we love the other families who are involved as well as the amazing BDA team.”

Madre Smith

Mom of Henry

“BDA has been the most empowering tool we have discovered on our CP journey. The results speak for themselves.”

Denise da Silva

Mom of Jackson

“BDA has given Nathan more mobility his arms and legs. It also made him more stable.

James O'Grady

Father of Nathan

“BDA opened a whole new world for us. Finally a method we could learn and do when it suited our child.
BDA is gentle, painless and non-invasive. It sees the child behind the disability and the BDA team makes an effort to meet the needs of the child and the family in the way they select the exercises. Finally, we love to see how BDA keeps innovating; ever incorporating new approaches, based on science, into the method. “

Christelle Blom

Mom of Carien